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Lace Up kaftan Floral Print kaftan dress plus size sequin kaftan silk full length kaftan for shorties

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Beach Style Kaftan Cover with Combination of Sea Coral Print and laced up V Neck
Blend of complementary coral prints and decorative beads sets you persona beautifully. Nobody can take away eyes from the lady who dresses it as this kaftan is art of natural design and blending colors. The laces and deep neck fits very well with the print style of the kaftan.


( Small to 8XL)  
Regular kaftan length is 51" ( 130 cm ). 
(change in kaftan length is possible Please let us know via email or put buyer note after purchase)

Material: 100% Silk

Quality: Excellent (Best Quality On Our Stock)

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Condition : - Brand New 
Brand       : - Silk Kaftan
Type         : - Kaftan
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