Timeless Animal Print…Spots are beautiful

Trendy Animal Print never goes out of Fashion. The spots of these creatures are timeless trend that work
in every season. Why animal prints are so popular?? Do you know why? The main reason of animal
prints is always trend is their patches and designs make anyone look bold, urbane and glamorous
This style has power and strength to carry every season you wish. Skin of animals on your skin makes
you look unique and exceptional. Our kaftans are inspired with the natural skin patterns of leopard,
snake, pythons, peacock and many such animals’ patches.
Our designer kaftans inspired by animal skin print are blended very well with different other patterns.
Our designers have showcased their exclusive ideas with hodgepodge of skinny prints and other
beautiful patterns like fruits or flowers, geometric blocks and other such stunning designs.
Leopard kaftans:
Whether short, tunic style or long kaftans leopard print looks alluring always with leopard spots on it.


Pythons and Snaky patches in Kaftans:
They look vigorously amazing on kaftans. The patterns of snakes and pythons are most eye-catching and
seductive to wear. Specially on silk fabrics such prints brightens the shine of the fabric.


Charming Peacock Print:
Majestic and graceful feathers of peacock when printed on silk kaftans look elegantly beautiful and
bright. Short, long and all the styled kaftans with this print and patterns embodies the compelling and
blowy effect of it. Peacock is the most graceful bird and alluring quality of its feathers depicts on our
collection of feathery printed silk kaftans.




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